Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FAST and the Vivint Gives Back Project; WHY Vote for FAST?

The video above is featured in THIS ARTICLE from Yahoo News. We are very lucky to have  Bryan Thompson, Finn's father (Finn has AS), who works for Yahoo, and advocated tirelessly for FAST and our children, on our side. Bryan was the driving force behind this Yahoo article and the featured video. The video features Bryan and his wife Tina and their son Finn, Rebecca Burdine and her daughter Sophie and last but not least Dr. Edwin Weeber, our rockstar AS researcher!

The FAST newsletter has just come out again, the May, 2011 edition, and there was tons of exciting news in it. "Dr. Weeber's Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Laboratory has started testing specific drugs.  One of these drugs provides significant improvements to the AS mouse in terms of motor coordination and brain function.  These results represent the first time a pharmacological agent has rescued the defect in neuronal function in a living Angelman Syndrome mouse.  More updates to come as experiments continue!!!" 

Wouldn't it be great if FAST had another $250,000 for research??? Well, they can, but not without YOUR HELP! Vivint is my home security company, and I nominated FAST in the Vivint contest on April the 27th, and we are now #1 in our region!!! Go to the Vivint Gives Back Project page for FAST <--- (click there) EVERY DAY and vote! Voting ends on August the 27th. If you find yourself having problems figuring out HOW to vote, click HERE and it will take you to the previous blog post, that has detailed instructions.

FAST spends 100% of all outside donations on RESEARCH!!! That means 100% of the $250,000 WILL go to RESEARCH that WILL move us toward REAL therapeutic treatments and ultimately a CURE!! It WILL help my son, Joshua, and others with AS, to be SEIZURE FREE, to have the ability to WALK, and the opportunity to SPEAK OUT LOUD!!!

PLEASE VOTE!!! It means the world to our family!!! A vote for FAST is a vote for JOSHUA!! ;-)

Love one another~Yvonne

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