Monday, August 15, 2011

Texas "Interest Lists" for Children with Special Needs

In Texas, there are waiting lists or "interest lists", for MCDP, CLASS, HCS...all medicaid waiver programs.  

Our son Joshua is now on the MCDP program, through it he receives Medicaid, respite care, diapers (after age 3), certain amount of money for equipment per year. We were able to install a lift on our van for his wheelchair through this program. I think the wait for this list is typically 3-5 years. If your child has severe medical issues, there is also a Ryder 28 program, that they can qualify for, to get into the MDCP program sooner. Sadly, a mom I know with a daughter with AS, was just told they did not qualify because her daughter would either have to have a feeding tube, multiple siezures per day, for the last 6 months, renal failure or on a vent. My Joshua got on through the Ryder 28 program, but back when it wasn't as strict as it is now. 

It's very sad that they make it so hard for someone who needs help so desperately! SO PLEASE, get on these lists as soon as possible! If I am out and even see a mom with a child with special needs at the mall ect. I make sure they know about these programs, because normally no one else tells you about them. Most often parents have to learn about them from another parent! I feel ECI worker's should be RESPONSIBLE to get parents signed up for these programs. If by the time your child's name comes up on the list and they are no longer delayed, then great, but they should inform parents EARLY on, especially parent's of children who are severely delayed. 

CLASS or HCS are the "granddaddy" programs, you get a MANY more respite hours, and therapies are included in both of those, such as horse therapy, aqua therapy, camp costs, ect...that are not paid for through MDCP. 

All three programs come with Medicaid attached. This can be your child's primary insurance only if your family does not have medical insurance. The way it normally works, is your family's insurance through your's or your spouse's employer would be your child's primary insurance and the Medicaid will become your child's secondary insurance. That is how it has worked in our family. It is great though, because, the primary insurance pays what it will and the secondary picks up the rest. We pay no co-pay's this way, which is very nice, especially for specialty doctors such as neurologist's and genetics, which normally have a higher co-pay. 

IF you have to pay for your family's medical insurance through your employer, many times you will qualify for the HIPP program. ASK ABOUT IT! Our family does not have to pay for our insurance through my husband's company, so we do not qualify for HIPP, but if you do pay, the HIPP program will reimburse you for the costs of your whole family's insurance, not only the child's. 

To get on the HCS "interest list" you call your local MHMR office and ask to talk to someone who can put you on the list.  I would call and say you are calling for an INTAKE appointment, you have to use those words or they will act like they have no idea what you are talking about.  That was my experience anyhow!  When you do your intake interview, they will ask you if you are on the list or not, and will do it for you then if you aren't.  

MHMR of Tarrant County
3840 Hulen Tower North
Fort Worth, TX 76107
Intake Phone: 817-569-4000 
Main Phone: 817-569-4300 
Website: (check the website for other counties)

To get on the MDCP and CLASS interest lists you call the DADS office, I'll give you the website links that explain more about each program. Here is the Region 3, Tarrant County # Region 3: 1-888-337-6377  (check DADS website for other counties)

A friend, just today, gave me the MDCP number in Austin, 1-888-438-5658, she called and asked to try to get on the Ryder 28 program. So try both numbers if one gives you the run around!

This one explains MDCP

This one explains CLASS


You can be on all of the interest lists at the same time.  You just cannot be actually receiving more than one at a time.  So when our number comes up on the CLASS list, we'll drop out of MDCP, and the same with HCS.  

I hope this is some help to someone trying to navigate the "system".  

Love one another~ Yvonne


Jennie Wojtaszek said...

wow! How do you keep track of all this? My mind is swimming just from reading all of it! Super-mom's indeed.

Yvonne said...

It's a crazy new world to navigate that is for sure Jennie! This along with all the acronyms a mom of a special needs child needs to know; ECI, IEP, OT, PT, ARD, SLP,PDD, ASD, IFSP, IDEA, FAPE, BIP, ACC ect... LOL!