iPad/iTouch Info for AS

iPad Case review by: Erin Sheldon

 "This is a table where I compare protective iPad cases we have trialed  Maggie is hard on her iPad's, so its rare for a case to be Maggie-Proof. We have trialed many cases and the most Maggie-proof is the LifeProof. I also really like the M-Edge SuperShell but Maggie peels it off now (even though its clearly her favorite case)."

This is my attempt at putting all of the information that I come accross for using the iPad/iTouch, with children with Angelman Syndrome, into one place, that I can then easily refer someone to. It is my hope that it is helpful for others!

This is all under construction right now!! Soon to be improved, if you have any ideas to add, let me know! 

Apps other parents on the AS listserve have mentioned that thier children enjoy:
Toddler Tapping Zoo
Voice Toddler Cards
Wood Puzzle
Balloon Animals
Glow Doodle
Cookie Doodle
Pet the Animals
Preschool Adventure
Time Timer
Kid Songs
Drum Kit
Wheels on the Bus
Adam's Game (This is one of my Joshua's favorites!)
Animal Fun
Tickle Me
Rubber Duck
My Monkey
Magic Dancing Frog
Happy Fun Ball
Sound Touch
Doodle Buddy
Animal Fun
Fish School
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Preschool Playmat: Farm Fun
Talking Tom Cat

I love that Trin's mom made this video! Thank you Janice!!!! Seeing the apps is SO cool!

and this one:

AAC apps:


Tap To Talk

Article: More AAC Apps Coming to iPad NEW 

Accessories for iPad:

RJ Cooper's iPad Gadgets. RJ Cooper has designed some fabulous products with users with disabilities in mind! The carrying case is an example of the thought he has put into it, it covers the "home" button, for the users who are always pushing it and exiting out of programs, over and over! I know my nephew loves that button! ;-)

This also covers that "home" button problem, and is said to be indestructible! The Otterbox iPad Defender Series Case.

Articles, or blog posts, about users with disabilites:

The iPad: a Near-Miracle for My Son With Autism

A Mommy blogger's review of using Proloquo2go with her son

Observations On the iPad, this is actually a youtube video, "We want to show some of our observations of how the ipad is working for those who need augmentative communication and/or assistive technology".

A Whole New World: from the blog Pray For Nathan. Nathan's mom writes about his experience with the iPad, this is a GREAT story with some videos of Nathan using one of Joshua's favorite apps, Wheels on the Bus.

iPad and Proloquo2go Review: Max Tried'em One of my favorite blogs, Love That Max, has a review of of Proloquo2go and the iPad, and a video showing Max using them both!

Roller Coaster Parenting: Technology: Another mom blogger sharing about how the iPad has changed the life of her child with special needs.

Caleigh's Communication Part 4 Part 4 begins Caleigh's trial with the iPad and Proloquo2go.

Caleigh's iPad and Proloquo2go 1 month update

IPad Opens World to a Disabled Boy

Zach's a Mac A video from Exceptional Family TV: Zachary uses his iPad for educational and fun games. He's currently working on learning his communication app, Proloquo2Go. (Click the discussion tab on this page too, I asked what apps Zac is using and his dad names a few) NEW 

iPads are opening new doors to help students overcome educational challenges NEW

More AAC Apps Coming to iPad NEW

25 iPad Apps for Children with Special Needs Great list by: Doing it all for Aleyna. NEW

Other Assistive Technology NOT iPad related:

Buddy Speak