Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching up? Not even close, but a glimpse...

Josh loves the carosel at the zoo!!
Caylee and Joshua on the carosel.

Cay, Josh, and Tiffany
Caylee, Josh, and Tiffany (Joshua's aide/nanny. Isn't she cute?)

Josh and his best bud Maddie at the concert...
Joshua and his best friend, Maddie at the Laurie Berkner concert.

I haven't been on in sooo long, there is way too much to catch up on! Thought I'd catch up in pictures.

The zoo was a blast. This time of year is the best time for a trip to the zoo, in Fort Worth anyhow. ;-) The weather is perfect, for us and the animals, who are super frisky in the cooler weather. The male lion stood on his own "pride rock" on roared so loud, it was so cool. The mama lion had four cute cubs bouncing all over her and each other, it was so cute! We drug Tiffany along with us, my other sweet girl around here, even though she isn't quite the camera ham as my Caylee and Joshua are, she was very reluctant if you can't tell in the picture. Hahaha, but I'm a mean boss and made her pose! Right Tifferzz? :-)

Joshua did have two seizures on the train at the zoo though, caused by the sunlight flickering through the trees. That was a bummer, but he had fun nonetheless.

We went to see Laurie Berkner in concert a couple of weekends ago. We went with Josh's best friend, Maddie, and her mama and nana, and Caylee. She sings the cutest songs, and they are not near as annoying as other kids songs, I think they are quite catchy and I love the folk feel of her music. I did worry about the lights in the dark theatre and if they would affect Joshua, but all was well! Hooray!

I haven't said anything on the blog yet, but we are adopting Joshua's biological sister, Ashley, VERY SOON! We are all so very exctied to have her here, to have her and her mini-me together at last! We have been cramming, lots of adoption classes, and all the other stuff that goes along with it:

1~TB tests for all in the family
2~CPR/first aid for Kevin, Cay and I
3~Fire inspection
4~Update the dog's vaccinations
5~Medication training
6~21 hours of CPS training
7~Lock and keying all meds
8~Background checks for all in contact with kids
10~Tie-downs for Ashley's wheelchair in the van

Fun, fun, fun....but all so worth it to get her here! Keeping my eye on the prize as my good friend Jen told me. :-) That's the truth!

We found out some awesome news....Joshua's medicaid waiver caseworker told me that as soon as we get Ashley here in our home that we can get her on the program also! That means that I will be able to hire her very own aide/nanny to work with her after she comes home from school each day! Happy dance! Just that will make such a huge difference in being able to trasition her into the family smoother. I am so thankful for the way that God has been in all of the details of her arrival. We are very blessed. I mourn for a friend who had to go through such a loss for us to have such a gain though. There is always a good and bad in any situation, and I know that she is happy that we are going to be her new family. Bittersweet...

Well that is about all the catching up that I can handle for one night, I have a kitchen to clean now!

Love one another!~Yvonne

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Tifferzzzz said...

Your so mean making me take pictures!! haha i'm kidding, I don't mind.

See you guys tomorrow!!