Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hibiscus tea and Chia seeds...

I was recently introduced to hibiscus tea, and really love it. I found a good site to order it; organic and bulk: Edible Nature. I also found organic bulk Chia seeds from them.

I was interested in finding out what sort of health benefits hibiscus tea has and found out that it has been known to reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and is very high is vitamin C. All good stuff! I, fortunately, don't have to worry about blood pressure or cholesterol, my blood pressure is usually too low!

Take a look at the link above for chia seed health! It's a power packed little seed, that can replace flax in any recipe and it does not need to be ground. Dr. Weil has an article about it in Prevention magazine. I have a raw chocolate dessert recipe book that has quite a few recipes in it that include the healthy chia seed. I love healthy chocolate!!

Enjoy reading the links...

Just throwing in this vitamin chart I find helpful!

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