Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Danny Gokey & more at Bella Bash

Danny Gokey & more at Bella Bash- for Regie Hamm\'s cause from Nashville Country Club on Vimeo.

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The following is taken from the website:

Founder: REGIE Hamm

Regie HammIn 2003, Yolanda and I flew to China and adopted our first child. Her name is Isabella Xin Meng Hamm and she is our heartbeat. We didn’t know it when we adopted her, but Isabella has a rare genetic disorder known as Angelman Syndrome. That means she is missing a tiny piece of her 15th maternal chromosome. Isabella can’t speak, bathe herself or respond to most verbal commands. She needs 24-hour monitoring to be able to function.

In the last three years, since we received Bella’s diagnosis, we’ve met some amazing people doing amazing things in the world of special needs therapy. This year we’ve formed the “Angel Wings Foundation.” This foundation will be dedicated to providing therapies and support to the most profoundly challenged of those with mental disabilities. Our long-term goal is to ultimately have an “Angel Center” here in middle Tennessee, which would be a comprehensive therapy and diagnosis center for all of those who are battling the most confusing disabilities, from Autism to Angelman Syndrome. We’re partnering with The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center to make that dream a reality.

For the past three years we’ve held something called the “Bella Bash” here in Nashville, a night of music and laughter that not only raises much needed funds but also awareness of Angelman Syndrome and all the other rare disorders that are in the shadows, (often being misdiagnosed as Autism). We want the Bella Bash to be a celebration of joy and hope and a great night out for some tired families who need to know they’re not alone in their struggle. The night will feature world class music as well as great comedy. When you leave the Bella Bash we want you to feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the rest of the year. Proceeds from the Bash go directly to the Angel Wings Foundation and that helps people like Louie Bichell, Rachel Pillow, Elizabeth Hathaway, Isabella Xin Meng Hamm and countless others learn how to communicate and expand their horizons far beyond anything they or we’ve ever dreamed!

We invite everyone to come out, have some fun, eat some food, listen to a great jam session, laugh, connect, enjoy and ultimately contribute your time to a great cause.

- Regie

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