Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Joshua's amazing painting @ the FAST Gala Auction

This is one of Joshua's amazing paintings, that he has allowed to go to FAST this week, for the auction on Saturday night, at the FAST Gala. He was pretty excited about sending it! It's on a 18''x24'' canvas. I saw in an e-mail tonight that FAST is having the Gala auction automated, which means that Gala guests and those at home will be able to bid using their cell phones or iPads, or computers. That is amazing! I am sure it will really help to bring in more money, when so many more people will have the ability to bid from home! I will try to post the links/info on how to do it, when I get more information.

In only 3 sleeps from now my daughter, my mom and I, will be on our way to Chicago for the FAST Gala! This will be my third time to go, and I really get more excited about it each year than I was the year before. So many more friends are made, and friendships that I already have are strengthened by the time together. Sometimes it feels like I have two lives, my Angelman Syndrome life, and my regular life but really that's not too odd for this Gemini lady, who has always felt as if I have two personalities. I love the support I get in the Angelman community, and I also really love giving others support when they need it. Our kids are amazing, AMAZING human beings, and a joy, but they really do require a lot of us, and sometimes it really takes the support of the community to get through some of the tough stuff. We are very blessed to have one another!

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