Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Linky Loves...

We LOVE this song! It's SO upbeat, so fun, so engergizing!!! Give it a listen!

I love this artist's body art!

Love this paper art pendant. So very cool! Caylee is OBSESSED with the J.M. Barrie story of Peter Pan, she wants this quite badly. She said, in her finest english accent, "I will wear it to all of the finest occasions!". ;-) Love my girl! She is so fun!

Love this recipe of Coconut Boi's, for Raw Chocolate Fudge Cake and Raw Cake Decoration. I cannot wait to make this, and I will as soon as my Pacari Truly Raw Cacao Powder gets here! We just used the last of our Cacao powder this morning, in Caylee's banana, peanut butter, Cacao smoothie!

Off to do my zillion errands today!

Love one another! ~Yvonne

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Jessica said...

YOU WON!!! You won the stailess steel straws giveaway on my green smoothie blog! Send me an email at mauk.jessica @ gmail.com (remove spaces) with your addy and I'll get them out to you asap! Congrats!!