Monday, January 26, 2009

House selling...

Our house has been on the market for three weeks now, yet we have not even had one call with anyone wanting to look at it. It's getting more and more difficult to keep up the perfect look of the house, when I feel I am working myself so hard for nothing. It looks nice, and we all enjoy it looking so orderly, but it's a full time job. I am spoiled I suppose, used to playing more with Josh, reading...and while I could technically still do those things, I find that I have only so much room in my mind and it's now consumed with other things. I am too much of a tunnel vision type I suppose. It's been stressing me out.

Today though, I made up my mind to do a yoga dvd that I enjoy, and it really made a difference. I am very glad that I did it, I feel much less jittery, and able to think more clearly. It's been a long time since I have taken that time to care for myself in that way. I am very thankful that I did take that time out to do it today. I will definitely be trying to do more of it.

We have a contingency contract on a house that we like right now. I do hope that we soon have a buyer for our house and that we are not wasting this other couple's time, keeping them tied up in a contract with us. I am trying very hard to keep positive and remember that the Lord is in control of it all, and not feel badly for it.

Company is here, have to run!


Our3angels said...

Good luck selling your house, i hope it happens for you.

My choice of excercise is Aerobic. I don't do it as often as I should, but after i'm done i always feel better.

Cox'sFamily said...

This doesn't have anything to do with this post, sorry, but I am new at this and do not know how to leave you a message besides this way. I am an Angel mom and I wanted to add you to my blog but don't know how. Also, I wanted to ask where you found that orange chair for your son, he looks like he has a lot of fun in it. I would love to find one. Thank you, Anna