Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eating a raw vegan diet..

I am on a 30 day cleanse right now, which consists of eating a 100% pure raw vegan diet. Today is day 8 and I feel really wonderful!

I was actually only planning to do it for a week, but I feel so good, and it's so easy for me that I am going to go all the way to 30 days. I am sitting here right now, in heaven, eating organic medjool dates. Oh, they just like eating a wonderful sweet covered in brown sugar. Yummy. I close my eyes and chew and sigh contentedly. Ahhh...

As the week has gone on, and I have felt better and gotten past all of the detoxification symptoms, I have realized that I can easily eat this way for the long haul and be perfectly content. After the 30 days, I may start to add in some cooked grains like millet and quinoa, my two favorites.

I realized yesterday that if I wasn't already used to being on a gluten and dairy free diet, that this would be quite a bit more difficult to adjust to. I mean that in terms of "self denial". I am already used to going to events or people's houses that have nothing that I can eat, because they have foods with gluten or dairy in them. I have never even felt like I fit in with the gluten free/celiac crowd because of my dairy intolerance. In the beginning it was really difficult, because food is something that I have never deprived myself of, and honestly was quite the glutton for certain foods, like sweets. Realizing that I could not tolerate gluten, and the fact that it did make me learn "self denial" is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I no longer have any longings for foods that I can't eat. I can go to any event where people are eating things that I can't tolerate, and it truly doesn't bother me in the least. That is such freeing feeling really! For me, anyhow.

I used to be ruled by my stomach. I couldn't pass Sonic without needing french fries or a small cheeseburger. Now, I pass every restaurant without even thinking of food. Like I said, it is liberating, to not be a slave to my stomach.

I have been reading raw "foodies" blogs, and message boards, websites, and books recently, just taking in all that I can. If you are interested I have a raw blog list in the sidebar, under the angel friends list.

Love one another!~Yvonne

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