Monday, August 8, 2011

Beautiful things are happening!

Just can't get enough of seeing the FAST website on the screen of The Late Show with David Letterman! Pretty amazing! Almost as beautiful as Colin himself. ;-)

Our Angelman community is so proud of dad, Colin Farrell, for speaking out about his son, James, and Angelman Syndrome. The awareness that his appearance has created has been pretty outstanding so far. Even Alyssa Milano has tweeted about it, to her over 1 million, followers! Pretty cool!

I believe this is the year for Angelman Syndrome, for our kids!

A new blog has been created by a child with AS, well really his dad, but it's super funny and just one of the examples of our AS parent's and their super creative ways of fundraising. Check it out: Angelman Sucks, But I'm a Bad Ass, So Bring It On.

Keep voting!! We are over 12,000 votes ahead of 2nd place right now, but it's still so important to not let up now! Go to Help Save The Angels and vote every day until Aug. 27th~

Love one another~ Yvonne

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Tasha said...

So awesome!!!!! Praise God!