Friday, August 12, 2011

FAST Needs Your HELP NOW More Than EVER!

Dear FAST supporter,

Thanks to you, FAST still holds 1st Place in the Vivint Gives Back Project and stands an excellent chance to win the $250,000.00 Grand Prize. We would like you to know that these funds are currently earmarked to support a human clinical trial of an FDA approved compound that has already been shown to provide a relief of symptoms in the Angelman Syndrome mouse model.

Unfortunately, there are two organizations in the contest that have decided to team up and align against FAST to knock us out of first place. In fact, they are contacting most of the other contest participants and trying to convince them to all vote for Team Sanfilippo Foundation (currently in second place). We now need your help more than ever!!!! FAST is winning this contest because our community has worked hard; let’s make sure to keep up our hard work and re-double our efforts so that we come out on top!!!!!

If you have been voting every day, thank you!!! If you vote occasionally, please make sure to do it every day now – there are only two weeks left. If you haven’t yet voted, please start now – we need your help!!!!!! And if every single one of you could get your family and friends to vote with you every day until August 27th, we will prevail!!!!

For easy to follow voting instructions, visit or visit

The FAST team thanks you for your support and dedication to our cause!!!

The Board of Directors
Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

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