Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hope is...

16 more voting days left.

So thankful for all who have stuck in this long and helped us to get where we are. Like Dory says "Just keep voting. What do we do, we vote, vote.." or was that swimming?

It only feel like the contest that never ends...

It's awesome to have the end in our sights.

Hopefully, on August, 27, 2011 we will have 250,000 reasons to celebrate!

Overheard today: Caylee is taking Joshua to potty before bed and he is a hooting and hollering in there, he really thinks going to the bathroom is a LOT of FUN!!! He cracks me up! I just stuck my head in there and said 'ewww it's stinky in here', and it's a good thing he's wearing a seat belt or he would have fallen right off of the pot!!

Love one another~ Yvonne

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