Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"What if there was ablist discrimination?"

The Disability Rights Commission, in the United Kingdom, produced a 3 minute video clip that asks us to use our imaginations in a different way: what if there was ablist discrimination, if the able-bodied encountered whispers, inaccessible buildings and transport, stares, intrusive and rude comments, and more? This is a genuine use of the imagination: to develop an image of a world that was designed and organized so that people unlike me could move about in it easily. It's easy to see, instantly, why the best world is one where there would be access and openings for everyone.
Taken from Monastic Musings blog.

I cracked up when the man in the elevator tells him "I had a friend with all his limbs once." or "I think you are very brave." Brave for what? Getting out of bed this morning, getting on the elevator? Navigating this world that doesn't do anything to help you fit in unless it's forced to by the ADA? I know it is very difficult to think about such things if you've never had to, I didn't, but now I try to navigate my son's wheelchair through the world. There are some stores that I cannot enter if he is with me; no room. Of course that also means to me a mom, that other's with young ones in strollers can't get around either. So there is a common perspective that you can think about it from. What if your stroller didn't fold up nice and neat and go into the trunk of a taxi, or if your baby was the only child in such a contraption; do you think you might some looks and whisperings? It is sure food for thought.

The quote above about having a friend with all his limbs once made me think of how we treat people who are different than us, not only those with physical or mental impairment, but even those of another race than ourselves. It may be our way of trying to find a common ground, but to those who hear such statements all the time it must sound very trite.

I am learning, as I go, see the world though new lenses also. Joshua has blessed me with the opportunity to grow and stretch my viewpoint.

Love one another!~Yvonne

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