Sunday, August 17, 2008

Headaches, coughs, and co-op's

Just wanted to update; Kevin's headache is still hanging on. The good news is it only hurts when he is sitting or standing up, so he does have relief when he is lying down. We will certainly be calling the orthopedic surgeon first thing in the morning.

Joshua is also still coughing and wheezy sounding; I have given him two breathing treatments today. He is such a sweetie. He will cough and cough and gasp for air; all the while smiling and laughing when it's over. I am so thankful for his cheerful disposition, it always lightens the mood; even though I have probably gotten about 1000 new gray hairs this weekend between him and Kevin. :-)

Cay starts her new homeschool co-op classes tomorrow and she is very excited about it. She'll be taking watercolor, American Sign Language, and Biology. I am excited for her to take the watercolor class so that she can teach me the techniques that she learns! I love to watercolor, but I could certainly use some good instruction. Spanish 2 continues on Tuesday also.

So tomorrow I will be calling doctors for Kevin and Joshua, and trying to get them in sometime after taking Caylee to co-op. I think it's going to be a busy week!

Love one another!~

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