Monday, August 25, 2008

Updating from hospital...

Hey everyone, thank you all so very much for your prayers, they are
precious to us right now.

Joshua was admitted last night. I am e-mailing from the hopital library room.

The rice krispy feeling under his skin was air in his tissues. He has
been coughing so much that he has a tear in his lung that has allowed
air to go into the pluera and out into all the tissue. They did a
swallow study last night to make sure the tear was not in his
espophagus, if it was they would have had to do surgery right then or
he wouldn't be able to eat or drink. Thank the Lord, it is not in the
espphagus! It is in the lungs, they just did another x-ray to see if
it has reduced. They have him on a lot of steriods and antibiotics
through his I.V. and continue to do breathing treatments every four
hours. So far today, he has not needed extra oxygen, so that is good.

They could have to put in a chest tube to release the air, but maybe
not if it's greatly reduced already, I hope they don't have to do
that, if so, we'll be here at least another two days.

So now you know to watch for that rice krispy feeling, it was in his
pec area under into the armpits and the scapula area in his back, and
even down his arms some.

I'll update when I have more news.

Hugs and many thanks to you all!~Yvonne

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