Monday, August 18, 2008

A new video...and updates...

You would think Joshua never wears pants watching these videos! I guess he doesn't all that much when he's home, hehehe. When I used to watch my nephew Sam a friend down the street always told me Sam either had on no pants and a shirt, or no shirt with pants; one or the other, never both at the same time. I don't know why I do that? One of my many, many oddities I imagine.

Kevin is not able to get into to see the orthopedic surgeon until tomorrow at 1:30, so I'll update again after that. I did an online search for "spinal fluid leak" and it came up with the same symptoms as he has.

When a person is in the upright position, intracranial pressure is negative.[9] Intracranial hypotension is defined as an abnormally low intracranial pressure, and it is characterized by headaches that worsen when standing and improve when lying down.

It even said that it can take a month or more for the symptoms to show themselves, and that would fit the timeline for Kevin. His back surgery was almost 2 months ago.

I took Joshua into the pediatrician and she listened to his lungs and agreed with me that she hears a wheezing. We did a breathing treatment there in the office and then she took another listen to his lungs and there was a marked improvement, so we were given a nebulizer and a prescription for Xopenex and told to do breathing treatments three times day right now. We were then sent us off to have a chest x-ray done, since Joshua doesn't have a history of this. We should hear back about the x-rays tomorrow.

Caylee enjoyed her first day of co-op. She is sitting at the kitchen table watercolor painting right now, so I know that she enjoyed that class. She was a bit overwhelmed, I believe, just being in a big class environment again, but I think she will quickly adjust; but since she was feeling that way she wasn't too forthcoming about her thoughts on the day. Maybe after she has the night to process it all a bit more she will more to say about it.

We heard today that Joshua has been accepted into the MDCP Medicaid waiver program; a huge blessing! It's something I have been praying for. I knew that God had it all under control, and I am so thankful to be getting it. We will be able to hire a young woman named Tiffany to be my "mother's helper" here around the house with Joshua, and to watch him while we are at co-op. Joshua will appreciate that very much! He is quite the little homebody lately, and it was very crowded and hectic there so he was quite overstimulated. He'll love to be able to stay home and hang out with Tiffany. :-) We will be able to take Caylee to do things that we can't normally do with Joshua: see a movie or go shopping (he HATES shopping). Tiffany will be doing a lot of Joshua's therapy with him, so I think of her as a therapist, and that will leave me time to just be mom with him. I am pretty excited about that part!

Well, I really should make myself get to bed now. I have had the worst insomnia lately! I will probably start reading The Endless Steppe, the next book for my book club reading; I have been told that it's an excellent book!

Love one another!~Yvonne

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