Saturday, August 30, 2008

Naked dogs and a Joshua update...

Happy before:


Henry before:

Our pup, Henry

This is what happens to your dogs when you can't afford to have them groomed because your hubby is off of work with his back. They get so tangled and matted that they must be shaved bald! Poor Hubby and poor doggies! Happy, our golden doodle, was sportin' a shaggy dog look, now it's more greyhound I think, or maybe naked mole rat? Henry the bichon doesn't look too much different I guess, but the beard has to go!

Naked dogs; quite the sight to wake up to. It's strange to think that if Happy was lost and someone shaved him like that, I would not know him if I saw him. Joshua doesn't quite know what to think of his dog yet. His favorite thing about Happy was all of his shaggy hair that he could tangle his fingers into and get big handfuls to put in his mouth! I'm thinkin' that won't be happening again for a very long time. Maybe Christmas?

Joshua is not quite as grumpy as before, but he is still yelling at me. I have tried giving him advil, but it doesn't help. Caylee did remind me that the last time he was really sick it took a while for him to get back to himself, we were saying; "Where did our happy little boy go?" He did come back though!

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