Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The sound of the day...

Josh is NOT a happy little camper today. I hope it is only the steroids! He had his last dose this morning, so maybe, just maybe my happy little boy will return to me in the next day or two. He's still cute, even when he's angry. He literally has done this since he woke this morning, no matter what I've done or fed him or sung to him or played with him. Calgon take me away! :-)

Love one another (even the grumpy ones)!~Yvonne


Jennifer said...

Poor guy :o( Do you have him on any advil or tylenol at all? I know that when I take certain kinds of steroids it makes my body ache. It will start in one spot and then work it's way up my body and last for days. Just a thought, it could be something totally different for him.
Hope he's feeling much better soon. Big hugs from me and all the kids :o)

Tifferzzzz said...

Josh sure is cute, even when he's screaming lol
Omg do you have a bichon??!! I have one named Chester. lol that's so cool if you do. Everyone always asks why I have a q-tip for a dog lol