Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home from the hospital...

Hello everyone! We are HOME!

We got home yesterday evening. The xray showed that there will still
a VERY small pocket of air in the pluera, but it was smaller and they
didn't think it warranted doing a chest tube, thank the Lord! So we
were sent home with orders to keep up the breathing treatments every 4
hours, keep giving steroids, and to see his doctor tomorrow. I just
realized that they didn't give us any antibiotics to take home and
they had him on zithromax at the hospital, so I hope that wasn't an
oversight. He's not completely healed yet, and they still don't know
why he has the coughing all of the sudden either, but only time will
tell that.

Joshua had been such a brave little trooper, trying to be happy and
make the best of it, but as soon as I told him we were going
home...whatever they did to him he screamed his head off at them,
crying uncontollably and making himself have such horrible coughing, I
was afraid they'd decide to keep him! :-) I know he didn't understand
if we were going home, then why did they continue to mess with him,
let's get home already!

As soon as we got in his wheelchair and down the hall to the elevator,
he was happy, and in the car on the way home he was downright giddy
about it! He slept great last night, even through breathing
treatments. Maybe he's learned to sleep deeper through this? Hahaha.
I can hope!

Almost all of the rice crispy feeling under his skin is gone, you have
to really feel around to find it now, when before you could touch
anywhere and feel it right away. It was pretty scary, but I'm just
glad that I know his body so well that I noticed it quickly. I am
sure many of you are like me and give your kids the once over
regularly, they can't tell us when things are different so you have to
be on your toes.

We had lots of med students coming in and wanting to feel it and
listen to him, but I drew the line at them looking in his throat. The
doctor had just done that, and it took two of us to hold him down and
her to look and a lot of discomfort for Joshua, so I told them I
didn't think there was anything interesting to see in there, but they
could ask the doc and if she said that is was very interesting and
they should see it that I'd let them. I didn't hear back on that one.
:-) They were all very sweet kids though and we enjoyed them, for the
most part!

I hope that we don't have anything else of any interest to report here
at the homefront for quite a long while...

Side note though; my poor mom fell coming into the hospital to see
Joshua and was rushed accross the street to the other hospital for
stiches and a ct scan, but luckily is home now with a mild concussion
and six stitches, but she truly looks as if she's a part of a fight
club. She looks terrible, it's all on the one side of her face that
she fell on, and I think if I only saw her from that side, I wouldn't
recognize my own mother; she is so swolledn and black and blue. I had
kept it so together the whole process with Joshua, but having mom get
hurt too, just about pushed me to my limit. I am so thankful that she
is home also!

Your prayers were coveted, precious gifts to us during this whole
ordeal, thank you all. It's so awesome to have such a large family!!!

Much love and hugs,
Yvonne, Joshua and family

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Jennifer said...

I tell ya girl, when it rains it pours. I think you can all say that you are good for the year don't ya think :o) Glad your Mom is ok and that Joshua got the care he needed thanks to his on-the-ball Mom. Good job Mom!
Here's hoping for some R&R for you all. I think you need a vacation!