Saturday, August 23, 2008

Josh and reactive airway disease...


We ended up taking Joshua to Cook's urgent care again two nights ago. He was having a horrible coughing attack and his breath was so rapid, it scared me to death! By the time we got there he was doing just fine though, but I took him in anyhow, I didn't trust that it wouldn't start up again as soon as I turned the car around. I told the doctor's that Joshua is trying to make them all think I am crazy or have Munchausen by proxy syndrome ( I saw this on an episode of Law and Order SVU).

They went ahead and did another chest x-ray to make sure it didn't look worse than the first one, and it didn't, which was good. They have just given him the diagnosis of reactive airway disease. The only thing to do is give breathing treatments, and they prescribed a steroid for inflammation, and wait and see if it goes away, or if it is indeed asthma.

The steroid or the xopenex one are making him so whiny and irritable, and he's having a difficult time sleeping. It so strange to see Joshua in cranky mood! It's just a very rare occurrence that Joshua is grumpy. I don't think even he knows what to think of that feeling, poor guy.

The Pertussis test did come back and it was negative. Thanks be to God! I was afraid that we would have to be quarantined here at home for weeks on end.

Keep my little guy in your prayers. It's a tough time for him, and the rest of us. It scares us all to death when he has those attacks!

Love one another!~Yvonne

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