Saturday, August 16, 2008

Joshua and Ashley...


The visit with Ashley and her new mama, Jennifer, went so well! Caylee, Joshua, and I all drove down to Killeen on Tuesday and stayed in the hotel that Jennifer was staying in. It was so awesome to meet Jennifer and to see her with Ashley, she was so good with her! I could tell that she was in love at first sight. Who could help falling in love with Ashley at first sight; I sure did! She couldn't be any sweeter, and she is so much like my Joshua; they are as alike as two peas in a pod. Both of them have the exact same mouth, chin, make the same sounds, even make the same "O" face, same hairy backs, toenails, tummys, skinny arms and's just too funny and cute!

The hotel was very nice; we all thought so. If we had thought it out better I think we would have preferred to have adjoining rooms though. It was so neat that Jen was able to bring Ashley to the hotel to just hang out for the day with us. The kids were hilarious together, and seemed to enjoy just looking at each other with big smiles on their faces. Of course, a lot of giggling was going on! LOL!

I am just praising God that He has given Ashley her first real HOME, with her own Mama, Daddy and two brothers(three including Joshua) and two sisters; after waiting for seven years. Jennifer and Dave have opened up their hearts and home to little Ashley, and it's just a beautiful thing to be a part of of. I know that Ash will THRIVE on the love in their home!

More later...

Love one another!~

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Christine said...

Yes it was really fun. I'm glad we didn't stay in the same room, because I need my privacy. Otherwise I wouldn't mind. It would have been cool to see how ashley went to sleep. I wonder if she makes all the same sleeping noises Josh does.